Dedicated to education, well-being and a harmonious life, Gyrotonic Harmony, is a space where people explore their potential for movement and understanding. We offer a transformative process through movement where one discovers how to move/exercise from the inside out. The goal is to create harmony with all aspects of the human movement experience.

Between Jackson and Sofia, Gyrotonic Harmony is the culmination of close to 40 years of experience with the Gyrotonic Expansion System.  Both have spent the majority of their adult lives traveling the world teaching and training in the Gyrotonic method and have finally now found the perfect home for the studio.


We are in the area of Neo Psychiko, Athens. Our studio is a light, open, and welcoming space that supports the developmental experience. We have custom built this studio to have multiple functional spaces. It is possible for us arrange our studio in such a way to accommodate very large classes that do not use equipment; up to 40 people. 

The studio functions both as a group class and private instruction space as well as a teacher training facility.  We teach all of the educational courses created by Juliu Horvath in both the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methodologies

Gyrotonic Harmony is the largest and most fully equipped Gyrotonic studio in Athens, featuring 7 Pully towers and multiple pieces of all the specialized equipment as well as some of the original equipment that Juliu Horvath himself has built in the late 80’s early 90’s, which has been restored and is both functional and beautiful. We also have a secondary space for the Gyrokinesis Method that is a soundproof room capable of holding up to 15 students at a time. 

We have placed a floor to ceiling curtain through the middle of the room to ensure some extra privacy when there is a lot of activity in the room at once. This greatly diminishes distraction and helps to support a focused experience while training. We have sizable bathrooms with showers a small lounge area and large office space as well as a superb surround sound system and high quality wooden floors and lighting in addition to, state of the art heating and cooling capabilities. 

Expand your limits, keep exploring with us and discover your presence!



Please try to arrive prior to class time. We want you to be comfortable in the studio and we encourage you to come early and warm up to prepare yourself for the class. Every class is an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of movement. Allowing oneself the time to take a few deep breaths before class and get present is very important.


Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, colognes, and other scents. Please be respectful to the space with your cell phones usage


All sessions and group classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted. We reserve the right to substitute instructors if necessary.


Pregnant women are encouraged to take private sessions.


For hygiene purpose, please wear socks for all equipment sessions.


Gyrotonic harmony is a safe environment, however we do not assume responsibility for any lost or misplaced personal items. Please use the lockers.


All Gyrotonic group classes and privates are by reservation only and introductory private sessions are a requirement prior entering group classes. Please inquire for the appropriate class and level for you.


All sales are final, and non-refundable/transferable.